How To Drink Like Your Favorite Authors

Alright, I’ll admit it: Drinking is fun (in moderation, of course. And if you’re of legal age. Which I am, so I am allowed to say this). I am a happy, happy drunk- everyone is suddenly my best friend, and the only thing I’m really concerned about is if I can dance in my 5 inch heels (and even then, it’s not that much of a concern).

Hey guys. You look pretty tonight. Come over here and we’ll talk about it…

The wonderful people at Flavorwire put together a list of 11 famous authors and their personal poison of choice, from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Dorothy Parker. For a fun, quick read, check out the article here.

Hemingway- Mojitos

Oscar Wilde- Absinthe

Charles Bukowski- Boilermaker (a shot of whiskey and a glass of beer)

Carson McCullers- Hot tea and sherry

F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald- Gin Rickey

Anne Sexton- Martinis

William S. Burroughs- Vodka and Coke

Dylan Thomas- Whiskey. Straight. Ouch.

Dorothy Parker- Whiskey Sours

William Faulkner- Mint Julep

So…who will you be drinking like this weekend?

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